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About bbp style pack

For bbPress - Lets you style bbPress, and add display features






updated: 3 months ago
since: 9 years ago
author: Robin Wilson


This Plugin lets you style bbPress, and add display features

You can change the forum styling for elements, letting you match (or contrast!) bbPress to your theme

Many features are available at the click of a button, such as creating vertical lists, adding create new topic links, hiding counts and much more.

  • Style font sizes colors etc. in forums and topics
  • Change forum display layouts
  • Add or take away forum elements, such as adding descriptions or removing ‘this forum contains..’
  • Change the forum order
  • Change the freshness display to date and time, or combination date and freshness
  • Change the breadcrumbs to alter or remove elements, or remove breadcrumbs completely
  • Add Create new Topic, Subscribe and Profile buttons, making navigation easier
  • Add login Register and profile to menus
  • Change forum role names or add role images
  • Amend subscription email headings and text
  • Amend the topic list order
  • Add topic previews to make topic navigation easier
  • Change how the topic and reply forms display – adding, removing or changing elements
  • Amend how profiles display and configure who sees them
  • Amend the search styling
  • Use additional shortcodes to improve how you display your forums and topics
  • Add an unread posts section so that users can easily see new topics and replies
  • Add a quote button to topics and replies
  • Add moderation tools to allow to to control
  • Add an unread posts section so that users can easily see new topics and replies
  • Use additional widgets to better display latest activity, or forum and topic information
  • Find a list of other useful bbPress related plugins
  • Let bbpress work with FSE themes