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About Events Calendar for GeoDirectory

Events Calendar add-on for GeoDirectory allows to extend your GeoDirectory powered website with a versatile event manager.






updated: 3 months ago
since: 3 years ago
author: AyeCode Ltd


The Events Calendar add-on for GeoDirectory is a compelling way to feature events on your directory, using Custom Post Types (CPT). This events calendar plugin creates the CPT Events, by adding time and date to a standard listing. Users can now choose to list a place or an event.

Recurring Events Included

Do you host the same event every day, or every second week, or every 3 months, or once every 4 years? The Events Calendar for GeoDirectory has your back!

You can set events as recurring type daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and even pick custom dates.
The recurring interval can be from 1 to 30.

So if you select type weekly and interval 2, the events will happen every 2 weeks.

Events Custom Fields

Add unlimited custom fields to your events out of the box with our add event form builder.

Events Calendar Widgets, Shortcodes or Blocks

It’s easy to sort events by selecting “upcoming,” “today,” “past” or “all” and display custom events lists, grids and a simple events calendar anywhere using Widgets, Shortcodes or Blocks. By default, events are ordered with the upcoming event first.

Events Locator

The Events Calendar for GeoDirectory is a full-featured Events Locator too. Events are easily displayed on a map, allowing user to locate your events with ease. Easily show distance from them and driving directions.

Premium add-ons

  • SEO Location Manager – Create a global Events Directory with unique pages for Countries, Regions, Cities, and Neighbourhoods. Also create an an events calendar of virtual Events without a physical address.
  • Pricing Manager – Set prices for the Events Submission on your Events Calendar & Directory. Enable/disable features per price. It uses our free GetPaid Plugin to manage payments, taxes, and invoices.
  • Custom Post Types – Create unlimited events custom post type, each with its own custom fields, prices and more.
  • MultiRatings and Reviews – Extend the review system allowing multiple rating categories (e.g., service, quality, price), add images to reviews and other cool features.
  • Advance search filters – Turns any Events custom field into an advance filter of the search widget. Adds smart autocompletes, geolocation, and much more. Search Events by date.
  • Buddypress Integration – Smoothly integrates The events Calendar for GeoDirectory with Buddypress.
  • Claim Listing Manager – Allow events owners to claim existing listings about their events and fine-tune them. Add/edit images, link to places (venues) and show an ‘owner-verified’ badge on the listing. Now with force upgrade/paid option.
  • Marker Cluster – Avoid cluttered maps by using numbered markers at high zoom levels. Now with super fast server-side clustering!
  • Duplicate alert – Alert users when they add an event with the same title (or other details) as another event.
  • Custom Map Styles – Modify the look and feel of all Maps widgets via an intuitive user interface, with color pickers and simple-to-use options.
  • Social Importer – Import events from Facebook. One listing at a time, no bulk scraping.
  • GD reCAPTCHA – Banish spam by adding the No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA widget to any GeoDirectory form.
  • Franchise Manager – Allows users to submit Events that span into multiple locations.
  • List Manager – Allows users to create their lists of events and make them public to other users.
  • WP All Import – Use the power of WP All Import to import your listings from anywhere with this add-on that integrates Wp All Import with The Events Calendar for GeoDirectory
  • Embeddable Ratings Badge – Let users embed their Events info with current ratings on their site, styled the way they want.
  • Compare Listings – Let your users compare Events side by side and compare vital info about the Events.

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