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Get images for your posts with automatic generation & multiple banks. Generate as featured images or in your content with Gutenberg Block and in bulk






updated: 3 months ago
since: 12 years ago


Easily create eye-catching images for your posts automatically with Magic Post Thumbnail!

Retrieve images from Google Images, DALL·E, Pexels, Unsplash, Envato Elements or Pixabay thanks to API, based on your post title, text analysis and much more. The plugin add picture as your featured thumbnail or inside the post when you publish the post.

The plugin allows you to configure some settings for your automatic images : Image bank, language search, selected post types, image type, free-to-use or not, image size and much more.

Tired of spending hours searching for the perfect images for your posts? Magic Post Thumbnail! does the hard work for you!

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What is included ?

Magic Post Thumbnail for FREE

  • Generate Thumbnail for one post
  • Generate Thumbnails for Posts, Pages & Custom Post Types
  • Image based on Titles or Text Analysis
  • New: Gutenberg Block for searching and adding images to your posts
  • Images from Google Image, Google API, Pixabay, Openverse, DALL·E or Flickr
  • Mass Image Generation for chosen posts or chosen taxonomies

Magic Post Thumbnail PRO

Upgrade to our PRO version to unlock even more advanced features and take your blog to the next level!

  • new: Insert Image anywhere in your post content!
  • Customisable Crons
  • Images from Youtube, Unsplash, Pexels or Envato Elements
  • More images with the Gutenberg Block
  • Image based on Tags, Categories, Custom Fields, Custom Request and OpenAI Keyword Extractor
  • Image generated randomized
  • Image Shuffle: Flip horizontally and/or Crop Image by 10%
  • Compatibility with REST requests, WPeMatico, FeedWordPress, WP All Import and Featured Image from URL.
  • Restricted domains
  • Setup a proxy
  • 24h Support

Upgrade to PRO


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  • Spanish

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