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RentSyst - this plugin is suitable for the car rental business, which is designed to organize, optimize and simplify the work of the company.






updated: 3 months ago
since: 4 years ago
author: Rentsyst


For customers of our CRM system, a website is one of the most important sources of orders and potential customers.

Our plugin allows you to easily integrate the RentSyst CRM system into your website. You can synchronize your fleet and groups of vehicles that you have added to the RentSyst and interact comfortably with it.

The integration of our plugin is very simple:
* Download and activate the plugin
* Connect to RentSyst (enter login and password)
* Synchronize & Use

With the free RentSyst plugin, you can easily:
* Manage your vehicle base
* Set up the necessary fields for rental forms
* Change design page for the vehicle and the booking form
* Synchronize orders that come from the site in the RentSyst CRM system

By installing our plugin, you get a fully responsive design of booking forms for all platforms.

1. Adding a vehicle catalog
2. Create a booking widget and separate page for booking
3. Add and configure a filters for your fleet
4. Create and change the design / layout of buttons for the form
5. Customize the color scheme according to your brand palette

The information entered in the form on the website is automatically placed in the RentSyst system with zero delay. Now you do not miss your orders and your customers – RentSyst will keep main processes under control.

Our plugin is absolutely free. No hidden fees and no additional purchases. All you need is a WordPress website and RentSyst account.

Booking widget JavaScript events:
– rentsyst:search
– rentsyst:book
– rentsyst:order_confirm

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