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Photo Gallery is a cool responsive image gallery plugin with beautiful views






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WordPress Photo Gallery plugin

Our WordPress Photo Gallery is a cool responsive image gallery plugin with awesome layout options, stunning gallery and album views, designed with features that allow you not to just show photos in a beautiful way but to deliver the message hidden in them.

Simple in use, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly – it gives you the opportunity to create unlimited image galleries and easily add unlimited images in each gallery. You can use the galleries in different posts and pages with a very simple shortcode. When creating a new gallery, you can set the name, add a description, specify gallery width in percents and gallery height in pixels. You can even set the hover effect (more than 10 cool hover effects) and pick images from the WordPress media library. Each image can have a title, a description, and even a URL to give the viewer a better understanding of what the photo is all about.

What’s more?

Ah, yes, you can choose between grid, masonry and mosaic views (30+ views in Pro version ). You can use the plugin for all sorts of different intentions, both professional and amateur. The Photo Gallery plugin allows creating awesome portfolios, albums and slideshows about works of photographers, architects, make-up artists, programmers, designers, etc. Find more about this amazing WordPress Photo Gallery plugin features below ( be sure to check also the documentation to find the feature you are looking for or ask to our support team), have a look at the plugin Free and Pro demos and give it a try. We are sure you won’t be disappointed!

Check out awesome Free layouts:

To have fast performance it is possible to choose between lazy loading and global loading, also images have thumbnail size option and are zoomable.
The image gallery plugin also has an responsive lightbox which gives a beautiful effect to the gallery and provides slideshow of your photos.

The features that Photo Gallery plugin provides:

  • Multi images upload: There is a multiple images upload button in the admin dashboard which allows you to add as many images as you want at once.
  • Lightbox Gallery: Photo Gallery provides a beautiful slideshow to your photo album.
  • Image attributes: Every image has attributes: title, alt, description and URL. The simple photo gallery fills the title and alt attributes automatically (by the name that you have given to the pictures in your PC) which makes your work easier. And as for the URL you can add the URL address of whatever you want.
  • Image ordering: The arrangement of the pictures is being done by Title, Date and Random.
    If random arrangement is selected, every time when you reload the page photo gallery plugin shows you random images from your single gallery.It helps you to create random gallery with random photos, which can grab your users attention. The arrangement of pictures in gallery can be done also by drag and drop.
  • Thumbnail size: You are given a possibility to choose your preferable thumbnail size.The thumb will load faster when you choose small thumbnail size (from wordpress default image sizes). In our Gallery plugin, you will not meet any inconvenience with the speed. And thank this the time of the load is shorten.
  • Images loading: Global Loading and Lazy Loading. Global loading is the load of the Gallery with images (when the loading finishes the Gallery and images open together) and Lazy loading is when the Gallery opens but the images are being loaded one by one. And this will not slow down your site.
  • Gallery width: This parameter is useful because people use gadgets and different devices for the Internet (for 100%, leave blank).This is the fully responsive Picture Gallery.
  • Column count: You can choose the number of columns (only in grid view).
  • Gallery type: Grid view, Mosaic view and Masonry view. Mosaic and Masonry view will provide a beautiful effect to your Gallery. And the Grid view, of course, which is a default view. (there are 30+ awesome views in Premium version)
  • Hover effects: You are free to choose between many parameters for hover – Hover animation, hover opacity and color, hover zoom effect, hover icon and icon size.
  • Pagination (available in Pro): Organize your images by dividing them into pages. It helps to navigate through larger galleries effortlessly. Besides a smooth browsing experience, it helps to optimize performance with quicker loading times.
  • More features in the Premium version.

Why to have a Image Gallery in your website?

It is not a secret that images are one of the best and most effective ways to attract people. They are catchy, colorful, bright. Even a text on an image appears to be more attention-grabbing than just a text on a website. Images speak to our emotions, imagination and our unconscious part as well. Image presence in a website make it more social as it takes a few seconds for the human brain to process an image, which is considerably faster than processing content or text.
Whether you specialize in photography, creative design, journalism or you are a travel blogger, your photos tell a unique story and deserve to be presented in the best possible way. And our friendly and feature rich Photo Gallery plugin will help you with that! Here, you can create your own single and multiple free galleries from your photo library. We offer a responsive Lightbox Gallery plugin. So you will give thorough information about your portfolio.
Adding an image gallery page to your website helps with:

  • Attracting potential customers – As already mentioned images and photos grab attention, add engagement and give a boost in pageviews.
  • Generating more sales – Photo Galleries give more information about your work and affect the final purchase decision.
  • Increasing SEO rankings – Adding relevant tags, URL and metadata will provide more visibility in search results in Google.
  • Better page navigation and control

And… don’t forget! Visual content is a power.


Why choose our plugin?

The advantages of The Gallery Plugin.

  • No restriction neither in the number of galleries nor in the number of images.
  • Free version gallery plugin of 3 types of view: Grid view, Mosaic view, Masonry view.
  • Free version gallery plugin Image Loading: Global loading and Lazy loading.
  • Fully customized. As the plugin has settings and styles options you can customize everything yourself.
  • Support: You will get full support and help from us for all your upcoming questions and demands.

Our customers are very valuable for us and our support team works very fast. And this WordPress Photo Gallery plugin is the best easy in use plugin you have ever seen.


  • Unlimited Galleries
  • Unlimited Images
  • Image settings
  • Add multiple images at once
  • Gallery preview
  • Thumbnail Size option
  • Images ordering
  • Lazy loading
  • Global loading
  • Columns count
  • Gallery views – grid, mosaic, masonry
  • Gallery images hover settings
  • Style settings
  • Responsive design

PRO Features

  • Includes ALL Free version Features and
  • 30+ awesome views
  • 20+ Transition effects
  • 20+ Animation easing effects
  • Transition speed (in ms)
  • Lightbox overlay settings
  • Lightbox live preview
  • Share buttons
  • Full screen button
  • Images actual size button
  • Download button
  • Mouse wheel
  • Thumbnails settings
  • Key control
  • More on the way …

Don’t forget, in case of any problems or upcoming questions feel free to contact us via e-mail [email protected] or via FREE SUPPORT FORUM.