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Create free online surveys and get your visitors' feedbacks directly on your WordPress website with WordPress Survey Plugin






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WordPress Survey plugin

WordPress Survey plugin is a powerful, yet easy-to-use WordPress plugin designed for collecting data from a particular group of people and analyze it. You just need to write a list of questions, configure the settings, save and paste the shortcode of the survey into your website. Then just start receiving survey submissions!
Do you want to conduct research for your research paper, gather leads for your company, extract insights for your market research, test concepts, or just get to know your audience? Why look elsewhere?

Why choose us among other WordPress survey plugins? We are specialized ONLY in survey building! Our professional development team is doing its best to create a must-have, feature-rich survey builder and constantly improve it so it will match your needs perfectly. Our survey plugin offers a great set of features for implementation. You can check other successful and powerful plugins of ours created by the same logic: Poll Maker, Quiz Maker.

Survey Demos (Free)

Survey Demos (Pro)


Not a tech person? No problem. The plugin is 100% beginner-friendly and no coding skills are required. You can easily create engaging and at the same time advanced surveys that will fulfill all your needs. Also, this WordPress survey plugin is mobile-friendly, so your responders can take the survey with all types of screens such as mobile devices or tablets. And, most importantly, our support care specialists are easily accessible and always happy to help you and answer any questions you might have! Feel free to post them on the following FREE SUPPORT FORUM.

What could be more perfect? Start serving better your customers and consumers now!
After setting up the survey’s settings, you just need to copy the shortcode of it and embed it into any post or page on your WordPress website:

Survey shortcode
[ays_survey id=’your survey id’]


The Survey Maker offers the most famous question types for creating successful questionnaires:

  • Radio
  • Checkbox
  • Dropdown
  • Paragraph
  • Short Text
  • Number
  • Yes or No
  • Date (Pro)
  • Time (Pro)
  • Date and Time (Pro)
  • Star Rating (Pro)
  • Ranking (Pro)
  • Linear Scale (Pro)
  • Matrix Scale (Pro)
  • Matrix Scale Checkbox (Pro)
  • Slider (Pro)
  • File Upload (Pro)
  • Star List (Pro)
  • Slider List (Pro)
  • Hidden (Pro)
  • HTML (Pro)
  • Phone (Pro)
  • Net Promoter Score (Pro)
  • Name field
  • Email field
    and many more are coming!

Survey with different question types – Demo

You can create either open-ended questions as well as close-ended ones with predefined responses. Once you’re familiar with the type of questions our survey builder offers, you’ll be able to connect all touchpoints to understand precisely what your responders want, need, or expect. The best survey plugin for conducting simple surveys, customer feedback forms, customer satisfaction surveys, employee feedback forms, and many more! Simple, easy and fast!


The #1 Plugin for creating multi-step forms. Organize and group the questions into separate sections within the survey. Break down your survey into separate pages with the help of this functionality in order to make it engaging and interesting to take. You can choose a different number of questions to be shown per page. Moreover, the survey plugin allows you to re-arrange questions within a section by drag and dropping it. You can give a title to the section, write a brief description, and add as many questions as you want. You can create unlimited questions, unlimited sections, and unlimited surveys with our Survey form maker.
JavaScript coding is implemented for changing the sections in the front-end.


Are you planning to receive LARGE Data while conducting your survey? However, you do not have enough time to read them one by one or not all questions’ answers are important to be viewed. So it’s not the volume of data that’s important, but what companies or individual conductors do with the data is matters. And here, the Survey Maker comes to be of help. Our reports, charts, and statistics will help you to analyze and interpret the data without any third-party tool.
So, the Survey Maker plugin is the best solution for those companies who employ a data-driven approach.


The WordPress Survey plugin can be used for companies as well as for individual research conductors. Whether you’re conducting research or collecting feedback, you can create engaging online surveys with our survey builder plugin. It offers 6 themes for creating interactive surveys that keep survey takers engaged: Classic Light, Classic Dark, Minimal, Modern, Business, Elegant.
The plugin is fully customizable. You can build beautiful surveys without having or being a designer, which will perfectly fit your website’s colors and style. The possibilities are plenty: Theme, Background color, Button text color, Question font size (px), Answer view, and dozens more!



Are you looking for trends, customer buying behaviors, or do you need to see beyond the big picture? It is possible to do with the Survey Maker plugin. But, it is important to understand who is going to be your target market. One of the powerful functionality that our survey builder offers is the Only for logged-in users option. After enabling it, you will start to precisely target the audience, and not receive unneeded submissions from those, who have not signed in on your website. But it is not yet all, that our survey builder offers. It also has a functionality called the Maximum number of attempts per user. It will help you to not receive multiple submissions from the same respondent, which can cause a deviation from the accuracy of your results. The Survey plugin suggests two methods to prevent repeat voting from the same person. Those are the Detect users by IP or Detect users by WP user ID.

Create smart and interactive surveys (Pro)

Create a survey using the jump logic (skip logic) function and don’t annoy the participants with unrelated questions. Due to this feature, the system will automatically select which question to ask based on the participants’ answers.
As far as the surveys are mainly used as a questionnaire, create anonymous surveys and give the participants a chance to stay private and share their honest opinion with you.
Survey Maker gives you the ability to make the surveys more engaging for the users. Just activate the chat mode option, and the users will have the feeling of having a face-to-face chat with the device.
All the above-mentioned options are available for the premium version

NPS Surveys (Pro)

With our NPS surveys, you’ll receive clear and actionable feedback from your WordPress website users. It will allow you to better identify their needs and preferences and make strategic decisions regarding your business.
Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys categorize respondents into three groups: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. It measures customer loyalty and the satisfaction level(brand advocates, satisfied clients, or dissatisfied clients) of your customers. Check out the How to Create NPS(Net Promoter Score) Survey for WordPress video tutorial for more detailed information.

For more detailed information please check the Documentation.


  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Unlimited Sections
  • Unlimited Questions
  • 6 question types
  • Responsive design
  • Sections with different count of questions
  • Individual submission
  • Submissions summary
  • Question Image
  • Survey style options (20+)
  • Randomize questions
  • Randomize answers
  • Restriction by IP and User id
  • Only for logged in users
  • Result message
  • Redirect after submit

PRO Features

  • Includes ALL Free version Features and
  • Extra question types
  • Send mail to user
  • Send mail to admin
  • Email configuration
  • Schedule survey
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Campaign Monitor integration
  • Slack integration
  • ActiveCampaign integration
  • User history shortcode
  • Make questions required
  • Permissions by user role
  • Limit attempts count
  • Results with charts
  • Export and import surveys
  • Submissions summary export
  • Individual submission export
  • PDF export
  • Password protected survey
  • Google sheet integration
  • Zapier integration
  • SendGrid integration
  • GamiPress integration
  • MadMimi integration
  • GetResponse integration
  • ConvertKit integration
  • Access by user role
  • Popup Survey
  • Conversational surveys
  • Logic jump
  • Conditional Results
  • Summary emails
  • URL parameter option
  • More on the way …

New Chart Builder plugin: Create static and dynamic charts for your WordPress website using our WordPress Chart plugin. Transfer your data into charts easily.

Don’t forget, in case of any problems or upcoming questions feel free to contact us via the following FREE SUPPORT FORUM.